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On this D&B Garden Show, Debbie calls up her friend Maria Held, who is a master gardener with the Canyon County Master Gardener Program to talk about the Pacific Northwest Pest Alert Network. Debbie will also remind us about the upcoming Canyon County Fair and urges listeners to enter plants/produce into fair. She'll also give another warning about peachtree boars and why over frequent watering can harm your plants? All that and more on this week's D&B Garden Show!

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On this episode, Debbie will walk you through entering your plants and produce at your local fair and why you should do it as well as mentioning a few upcoming fairs. She'll also help explain how early is too early for fall crops, pruning and what amount is appropriate for your garden and inform you about Blossom End Rot and earwigs and what you can do to combat them. All this and more on another great episode of the D&B Garden Show. 

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On this week's D&B Garden Show, Debbie takes listener calls and helps to guide them through their gardening troubles through the first week of July. She'll provide some tips on when, how and what to know as you harvest garlic. She'll also give a quick little update about squash bugs and what to do about them and take a few listener calls to try and help them solve the problems arising in their garden. All of this and more in this episode of the D&B Garden Show.

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Debbie is joined by Melinda Jean Stafford to talk about honeybees and to also answer listeners' questions as well. Learn why July is the "Christmas time for beekeepers", why July is prime honey harvesting time and so much more on this week's D&B Garden Show!

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