The D&B Garden Show

D&B Garden Show - April 20, 2019: 

On this week’s D&B Garden Show, Debbie sits down with Betty Munis, the Executive Director for the Idaho Forest Projects Commission to talk about all things trees, why the forestry industry is so important and also to talk about the upcoming Idaho Arbor Day Celebration.

Debbie will also share advice on what to consider when planting a tree as well as give another warning about the Lilac Ash Boar and take listener calls about seeds and when to plant onions.

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April 13, 2019: On this week's D&B Garden Show, Debbie will take listener calls and give her advice on how they should handle the situations their gardens are presenting.

Among today's topics will be Debbie discussing the Arbor Day Celebration being put on by the State of Idaho, where to find locally grown fruit trees and what to consider when buying one, a warning about Lilac Ash Boars and why insecticide won't kill them, what to do when your rhubarb starts to bulb and how you can control goatheads in your garden.

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