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November 17, 2015 - 

Debbie Cook, Master Gardener and Certified Arborist, shared some great information on fall planting and what we should be doing now to be ready for next spring.

If you have grown gourds or winter squash, Debbie has some tips on harvesting and saving them from the first frost. If you have grown smooth skinned gourds, rest assured these will not be harmed by frost.

If you have not yet fertilized your lawn, right now is the time to get it done in order for thicker and healthier lawn next spring. If you are still mowing your lawn, remember to cut it a little shorter for the winter. It is also a good time to check your garden hoses as you are putting them up for the winter. Get rid of any hoses that are no good and start planning for next year. Debbie suggests taking pictures and making notes about what worked and what did not work this growing season. A garden journal is a great resource for you to use from year to year. Lawn mower servicing and blade sharpening can also be done now so you are ready for next year.

There is still time to do some fall planting. Our ground is still warm enough to establish the roots of trees and shrubs while the plant doesn’t have to worry about keeping the leaves alive. Trees should be watered in well and given a little mulch for added protection during our winter months. Expect to have healthy trees and shrubs next spring.

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October 10, 2015 - Debbie Cook, Master Gardener and Certified Arborist, talked to her listeners this week about the fall season.

Did you plant a fall garden this year? Debbie talks about the current weather and extending your garden season. Have you ever wondered what makes the leaves change color and why they fall? Listen in to hear about the scientific process and how each color is formed.

Are you seeing white flies and aphids around your garden and want to learn how to prevent them from coming back next year? Debbie describes what actions can be taken to help with future prevention.

Do you have gophers tearing up your yard? One caller had some advice on getting rid of gophers using corn cobs and castor oil. In case you have voles, Debbie gives her recipe for vole control again this week for those who have missed it previously.

If you have fungal diseases on any of your stone fruit trees, now is the time to treat them. Once the leaves are off the tree, you should spray with a copper-based spray. Pay close attention as Debbie explains the clean-up procedure.

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