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June 6, 2015 - Master Gardener and Certified Arborist, Debbie Cook, kicked off the beginning of June with a few calls about insects on this week’s radio show.

Are you being bugged by unwanted critters in your yard and garden? Have you found scale or sucking insects on your Maple or Honey Locust trees? Listen in as Debbie provides a lot of great and useful information along with answering questions on how to get rid of those tiny creatures.

Is there an advantage to pruning your tomato plants? The leaves have two important jobs: to protect the fruit; and to produce the food for the root system. It’s better to leave your tomato plants untouched during the growing season.

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Saturday, May 30, 2015 - What is the best thing to do with grass clippings? Should they be left on the lawn or bagged up? Debbie answers by addressing both options for a beautiful lawn. Are you curious about thatching? She also gives great information on when and why this needs to be done.

Fruit tree do’s and don’ts: Do treat for insects. Don’t plant your tree too deep and allow grass to grow up around the trunk.

How do I transition my indoor seedlings to the outdoors? Listen in as Debbie explains when and where your seedlings should be placed in the great outdoors along with watering and air exposure instructions. Debbie also provides a simple schedule to follow to ensure a smooth transition.

What do the veins in maple leaves reveal about the overall health of the tree and it’s surrounding area? Debbie takes a question on why one Maple tree has a different shade of green leaves from the other ones. Listen in to what advice Debbie gives this caller.

Thanks for another great show, Debbie.

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