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The Garden Gal, December 28, 2011 — Master gardener and certified arborist, Debbie Cook shares the show with her friend, the Dirt Diva herself, Mary Ann Newcomer. They chat, and answer questions, about your winter garden which they both suggest to take pictures of throughout the year. Evergreens, ornimental grasses and Christmas Cactus plants are discussed on how to make your winter gardens beautiful both the inside and outside of your home.

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The Garden Gal. December 19, 2011 — Debbie Cook, the Garden Gal, a master gardener and certified arborist tells us that now is a good time to water our evergreens. The lack of water, combined with a bit of thawing that is scheduled to happen this week, means that they need a little help from us in order to be beautiful in the spring. Also, be sure to call your extension office first when considering getting your trees pruned.

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