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Debbie Cook is a master gardener and certified arborist and she is the host of the D&B Garden Show. In this episode Mary Ann Newcomer, who is the author of the Gardens of the Wild Wild West Blog and an expert on plants of all kinds.

Debbie and Mary Ann discuss Spring gardening catalogs, expanding your gardens, and several garden and landscaping classes upcoming.  This show was recorded on January 22, 2011.

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Debbie Cook, the Garden Gal, is a master gardener and certified arborist. In this, January 15 episode of the Garden Gal program, Debbie talks about her Hawthorn tree loaded with robins and about some of the things you can do to get your garden or yard ready for the Spring. Debbie also discussed a couple of available free gardening or tree care classes that are coming up. 

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Master gardener and certified arborist, Debbie Cook is the Garden Gal. This was the first broadcast of 2011. Debbie was looking forward to preparing for the gardening season and chats about things you can do now for your garden or evergreen trees. Debbie also takes a call about saving a lily, and separately how to make soap sprays.

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